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Afro Dance
7 Week
Short Course & 

A message from Gracious, the course instructor:

This Course is organised in collaboration between Kwabo Events and Passion Studio.

I, (Grace) am so eager to meet you, dance with you and share my knowledge of afrodance. I am also over the moon to bring back my favourite event: FLAHMOBS! Dancing in public spaces with community is at the heart of African dances and Kwabo events so let’s do it the authentic way! I hope you are ready because I will have max of energy and good vibes to share!


Kwabo means ‘welcome’ in my mother tongue, and to me it means you belong, you fit in and I see you! Thus this class welcomes individuals from all levels, walks of life and ages. Participants are invited to immerse themselves in upbeat music from West & Central African countries including Ghana, Togo, Ivory Coast, Congo, and Angola in this joyful, dynamic introduction to modern African dances.

Throughout the 7 weeks, we will get ready to perform on the 28th of May at Kwabo Africa Day Celebration at the Arts Centre Melbourne. Kwabo Africa Day Celebration is a jam packed day of dance, music, workshop, and performances to celebrate African excellence, richness, culture and vibrancy.

What you need to know:

Course Length: 7 weeks

Course Start Date: Tuesday 11th April, with weekly sessions running every Tuesday 8:30-9:45pm (final class is 23rd May)

Course Performance Events: KWABO Africa Day Celebration on 28th May (12-8pm) and Passion Studio Showcase on 1st July   (3-9:30pm)

Course Cost: $150 (must be paid in full on sign up)

Where will it be held? Passion Studio

- Course members must arrive arrive 10 minutes before the first class for introductions and an outline of the course

- Course members must commit to both performances

What is a Flashmob?

A flash mob is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform for a brief time, then quickly disperse.

Please make sure you are available all day for practice group warm up and performance 2 or 3 times in the day.

More information will be communicated throughout the course and by email regarding the final day! Please, feel free to contact Gracieu if you have any questions at


How do you join? Click the button 'Join Afro Dance Short Course' and fill out the waiver. Once your waiver has been approved, then you can jump onto the calendar via the app and click on the course to secure your place. If you don't have our app, you will get emailed an invitation to download it once you've signed up so don't stress! 

with Gracieuse Amah





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