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If you've forgotten to save the link to login to your member portal, then click the button below!

Your member portal is where you can book, cancel, switch classes, purchase new membership plans and view your existing membership. If you haven't signed up to a membership plan yet, then go to the Home, Timetable or Class Prices page and click 'Join Passion Today'.

A little walk through your member portal...


If you haven't saved the member login URL on your phone or laptop, click the 'Member Login' button and you will be emailed a link that will take you to the member login page. 

Screenshot_20210303-172505_Samsung Inter

My Bookings

This is where you can view your existing class  bookings

Buy Membership

Go to this page to purchase additional memberships (Unlimited Pass, 5 Class Pass or Single Pass)

Screenshot_20210303-172542_Samsung Inter

Make a Booking

Pretty self-explanatory...this tab will take you to the calendar where you can book classes


This shows your membership details include your active memberships

Membership ID card

This just shows your contact information; if you need to change anything, just shoot us an email

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