Class Bookings

  1. Classes are via booking only

  2. To book a class, please click on TIMETABLE tab. You will see all our classes for the week. Click on the class you’d like to do. A small box will pop up to type in your email address. Then click ‘Book Class’. Then click ‘Pay Now: $15.00’. Disregard if you see the following written, ‘No matching customer found. To sign up, please choose one of the options below’. You’ll get taken to a new window to complete your booking. 

  3. Please only book 1 week of classes at a time. We don't know when restrictions will change so please don't book too far ahead. 

  4. No refunds for purchased classes. 


Guidelines for Passion Studio Re-Opening

  1. If you are unwell, you must not enter the premises. 

  2. You must wait outside until your class start time. No-one will be allowed to wait in the reception/lounge area so please arrive only a few minutes before the class or on-time. You don’t have to be worried about ‘getting the best spot at the front’ because we are limited to 10 people in each class anyway. A Passion Studio staff member will come downstairs to advise you that you can enter the premises. 

  3. You must leave as soon as class is finished. As stated above, we will not be allowing people to ‘hang out’ in the reception area before or after class.

  4. If you are doing 2 classes in a row, you may wait in the studio. You don’t have to go back outside while you wait for the next class.  

  5. Please bring your own water bottle. We will be removing all cups from the kitchen area. You will still be allowed to buy drinks at reception. 

  6. EFTPOS ONLY. We will not be accepting cash.

  7. If you have hired the studio, you must wait outside until we call you to advise you that you can enter the premises for your booking.  

  8. We will have hand sanitising stations set up for you so please disinfect regularly.

  9. Passion Studio staff will be disinfecting all commonly ‘touched’ areas (door handles, bathrooms, kitchen facilities, reception desk, tables, light switches).