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Lanie De Castro

Pop Up Choreography Class

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Jan 23


8:30pm - 9:45pm

Pop-up Teacher Template.png

How to book

If you don’t have the Passion Studio app:

  1. Click on the button 'Casual Booking' below

  2. Follow the prompts - you will be asked to give basic contact information and input your payment method

  3. Then book yourself into the workshop


If you're an existing Passion Studio member:


  1. On your app, go to 'Memberships'

  2. Click 'Add Membership'

  3. Then click ‘POP-UP Workshop Payment’ to purchase the membership pass

  4. Then go to the Calendar and book yourself into the event. 

If you’re an UNLIMITED PASS MEMBER, you will receive an exclusive link via email for the discounted price for the POP-UP workshops with relevant instructions


*unlimited pass member payments must be up to date to receive discount*

*no cancellations*

$30 Casual 
$25 for Unlimited Members

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